Book Reviews of The Courageous Mosaic


Reviewer: Cinnie Noble (July 16, 2013)

Those of us in the conflict management field have benefited greatly from Ralph Kilmann's brilliance and innovation for many years. In a different but equally as poignant way Ralph shares his personal journey in The Courageous Mosaic. And along the way he inspires readers to also explore and increase our consciousness, to learn from our stories, and to acknowledge how they apply to the systems in which we work and play. Throughout Ralph's well written book, I experienced many touching and inspiring moments that have remained with me since the first of many readings.

Reviewer: Cheryl Cran (July 31, 2013)

Ralph Kilmann is a thought leader in consciousness, through sharing his personal journey he provides a map for us to follow. He proves that the journey to wellness requires courage and he demonstrates that courage. In the telling of his story we feel his transitions from pain to progress. His extensive journey of seeking different healing modalities led him further and further into finding freedom and in his book The Courageous Mosaic he shares insights that help us to heal. This book is revolutionary and evolutionary and will help readers to access the power of healing from within. This book provides a pathway to full integration of mind/body/spirit.

Reviewer: Ali (August 5, 2013)

The Courageous Mosaic is one man's journey into the heart of what ails us. Rejecting easy answers to our problems, the author, Ralph Kilmann, instead tries what poet Geoffrey Hill speaks of as "difficult wisdom". Like the alchemists of ancient China who, in their quest to unify the physical and spiritual world, made their body their laboratory, Kilmann strives first to expand his own consciousness by experiencing a number of healing therapies and consciousness changing techniques. His work leads him to the profound realisation that it is our society's current processes and systems that trap us in body/mind. By redesigning those processes to recognise ourselves as creatures of spirit, not just flesh and blood; by creating systems that acknowledge and nurture the subtle energies that inform our physical bodies, organisations have the potential to empower all individuals to live out nothing less than their soul's true purpose.

What's more; in the final chapters of the book the author offers the reader -and by extension all the organisations to which they belong- the tools to help them begin to realise their higher purpose. In doing so, Kilmann joins the lineage of Reaney and the Shulgins, boldly pointing the way to our freedom which lies within grasp, just beyond the parameters of conventional thought and outmoded patterns of being.

Reviewer: Zen Girl (August 20, 2013)

Ralph's book takes us through a journey of his personal growth and enlightenment, which was a result of therapy and many other consciousness-raising modalities. He writes the story of his life with courage and honesty, and presents how he worked through issues and reached resolution with both his parents. He gives invaluable insights on resolving conflict on all levels, between individuals, organizations, and ultimately worldwide. I found it fascinating and once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. A truly beautiful and touching story. I highly recommend it!