Quantum Transformation Course



  • In a 5-hour recorded course, you'll hear Dr. Ralph Kilmann's crystal-clear voice present a grand overview of our entire series of online courses and assessment tools. 
  • Quantum Transformation CourseYou'll first learn why conflict and change are two sides of the same coin and, therefore, why conflict management and change management must always support one another.
  • You'll next learn why the opposing tensions between two dueling paradigms (one based on Newtonian physics and the other based on quantum physics) will predictably lead to either stagnation or transformation—depending on how well conflict and change are managed. 
  • Dr. Kilmann then explains how a Newtonian organization can be transformed into a quantum organization by implementing a "completely integrated program" that combines conflict management with change management.
  • You'll then learn the sequence of eight tracks—change initiatives—that comprise the completely integrated program: culture, skills, team, strategy-structure, reward system, gradual process, radical process, and learning process tracks. Dr. Kilmann developed this sequence of change initiatives to combat the failed history of quick-fix approaches to improvement and transformation. 
  • Courage Assessment

    By taking the Kilmann-Covin Organizational Influence Survey and the Organizational Courage Assessment, you'll also learn some very practical tools for assessing an organization's paradigm and why it might need to be transformed into an altogether new paradigm—if organizational success and personal meaning are to be achieved. 

  • This online course comes with a 128-page downloadable manual that includes an image of every presentation slide, Dr. Kilmann's personalized notes, reference material, and three self-report assessment tools.
  • Because this online course is recorded, you can watch it anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace—either on a laptop computer or a mobile device. 
  • See several additional Unique Benefits for taking our online courses!

The Eight Tracks to Quantum Transformation


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To test your mastery of this course, take and pass the Final Exam. Although we do not offer a "certificate of achievement" for the Quantum Transformation Course, passing this exam counts toward your receiving the "Certificate in Conflict Management and Change Management," if you later upgrade to our course collection: The Complete Program.

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Developing a Quantitative Measure of Organizational Courage


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