Special Payments


Each of our online courses, assessment tools, workbooks, and audiobooks has its own separate purchase page, which enables you to purchase any quantity of an online product—either for yourself or for your clients or group members.

But there are occasions when you might need to make an additional payment: (a) when you use our Upgrade Path to apply what you paid for a previously purchased separate course toward one of our course collections or to upgrade from The TKI Package to The Complete Program; (b) when your previously scheduled payment for an Interest-Free Payment Plan has been declined and you must now use a valid credit card number to make that required payment and thereby reactivate your course collection; (c) when your online product is about to expire (or has already expired) and you wish to use our Renewal Policy in order to extend the expiration period of that online product; (d) for Extra Services for Group Accounts that are not included in the purchase price of an online product, and (e) when you have been certified in The Complete Program and are ready to purchase our Workbooks, Logistics Manual, and other supplementary materals for implementing the eight tracks of quantum transformation.

Instead of our having to provide a separate purchase page for every conceivable payment arrangement that can derive from our Upgrade Path, Renewal Policy, or Extra Services, we have established this purchase page to handle all such special payments on our website:

  1. Contact Us to determine the required total payment due;
  2. Add that required total payment as the Quantity of your purchase at the bottom of this page;
  3. When you reach the Checkout page, in the text box, "Order comments," enter the online product or service that pertains to your special payment;
  4. Complete the purchasing process; 
  5. As soon as we receive notification of your payment, you or your clients will receive the purchased upgrade, renewal, or extra services for that online product.

For example, if you previously paid $225 for your expired BASIC Training Course and you now want to purchase The TKI Package, the required total payment would be $875 – $225 = $650. In the Quantity text box, you would add: 650. Since each of these quantity units is priced at $1 apiece, you will be charged the required total payment of $650 during the purchasing process. Remember to enter the relevant information in the text box Order comments on the Checkout page: "Upgrade to The TKI Package." Upon receiving your payment, we will add The TKI Package to your username account and then email you to initiate your access to that course collection.

NOTE: Before you can make a special payment, you must first log in to your existing username account—or create a new account—on this website. 


Price: $1.00