TKI 1 Workshop on January 31 to February 1, 2019, in Seattle


On Thursday, January 31, through Friday, February 1, 2019, Kilmann Diagnostics will be offering a highly experiential two-day workshop in the charming city of Seattle, Washington. This live experience will enable trainers, coaches, consultants, mediators, and facilitators to enhance their knowledge and skills for applying the TKI assessment to various interpersonal and group settings—always taking into account the informal and formal systems that fuel all complex problems and conflicts. Specifically, this workshop will deepen your skills for two of our recorded online courses: BASIC Training in Conflict Management and GROUP Training in Conflict Management. 

The price of the two-day workshop is $1,700 per person, which includes: 

  • Immediate access to the two recorded online courses, BASIC Training and GROUP Training in Conflict Management;
  • Two TKI assessments, each with modified instructions;
  • Dr. Kilmann's two latest books, Quantum Organizations (2011), and The Courageous Mosaic (2013), which together provide the foundation for his Completely Integrated Program of Quantum Transformation; 
  • The Workshop Manual for the TKI Live Workshop, Level 1. This manual provides an image of every presentation slide that is used in the workshop, with ample space for taking notes.

You are responsible for your own travel costs, lodging, and all meals.

TKI Live Workshop 1

It is highly recommended that attendees complete the two online courses before arriving at the workshop, so the live discussions that take during the workshop can quickly move beyond the knowledge that is already available on our online platform.

Beyond Online Learning

While our recorded online courses serve the purpose of helping participants understand the essence of topics such as conflict and change management, our live workshop will provide the opportunity to develop the skills needed to effectively apply this knowledge into real life situations. This powerful combination of both online learning and live discussion will equip individuals, groups, and organizations with the vital skills that are needed to manage conflict and change, expand their consciousness, and transform their workplace environments.

The workshop will consist of some lecture material, several group exercises, and many community discussions.

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in the workshop:

  • The Big Picture of Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence, Authenticity, and Compassion
  • Exercise on Mind/Body/Spirit Consciousness
  • Expanding the Five Conflict Modes
  • Eight Key Attributes of Any Conflict Situation
  • An Exercise on Using the Eight Attributes to Choose Conflict Modes
  • How to Use Each Conflict Mode with Care, Sensitivity, and Respect
  • Learning About and Interpreting Your TKI Results
  • Distinguishing the INSIDE and OUTSIDE Perspective
  • An Exercise to Dramatize the Five Conflict Modes
  • Developing and Interpreting Group TKI Profiles
  • An Exercise for Bringing Greater Consciousness into Conflict Situations
  • The Impact of the Leader on Conflict Management
  • The Impact of the Culture on Conflict Management
  • The Impact of the Reward System on Conflict Management
  • Improving Conflict Management in the Workplace



January 31st to Feburary 1st

Dress Code: Casual (hence, comfortable)

Location of the hotel and conference center in Seattle will be announced very soon!

Registration: 8am – 8:30am
Workshop will begin promptly at 9am and run until 5pm.
Lunch will not be provided, but sufficient time will be allotted to venture out to one of local restaurants.



As noted above, we require a payment of $1,700 to register your seat for this two-day workshop. In the event that you should have to cancel your registration for any reason prior to the scheduled two-day workshop, we will transfer your paid registration to the same two-day workshop at another date and, if necessary, in another location.

After you have completed your purchase, whenever you wish to watch your online courses, log back into your private account and click on My Online Courses on your username panel at the top left of our website. A new page will open that will provide a link for taking your two online courses. On that same username panel, when you are ready to take your two TKI assessments, click on My Two TKIs. A new page will open that will provide the instructions for taking your two TKI assessments on the publisher's website: (1) complete the first TKI for INSIDE your group and (2) complete the second TKI for OUTSIDE your group.

You can choose whatever group interests you, whether a current group in an organization or a past group… or a group of colleagues, your family, or a friendship or social group. Regardless, it's important to keep that same group in mind as you complete both TKI assessments.

Be sure to complete the two online courses and take your two TKI assessments before this workshop begins ... and please bring to the workshop a hard copy of your two TKI Reports (which you can print right after you have downloaded your two pdf files). We will be using these TKI results throughout our two-day program.



Just below, you can enter the quantity of registered seats that you wish to order. After you complete your checkout, download The Spreadsheet for Creating Group Accounts and follow the instructions. If you are purchasing a registration to this workshop for only one person, then fill out the spreadsheet for just this one person. When we import your spreadsheet into our website, a private username account is established for each person you listed on your spreadsheet and an automated account email is then sent to each person with instructions for taking the two online courses and the two TKI assessments.


Price: $1,700.00