TKI 1 Workshop on October 22–23, 2018, in Victoria BC Canada


On Monday, October 22, through Tuesday, October 23, 2018, Kilmann Diagnostics will be offering a two-day experiential workshop in Victoria BC, Canada. This workshop is designed to give professionals such as trainers, coaches, consultants, mediators, and facilitators an enhanced understanding and ability to apply the TKI principles of problem solving and conflict resolution in various interpersonal and group settings. Specifically, this workshop will provide participants with a deeper understanding of our online courses BASIC Training in Conflict Management and GROUP Training in Conflict Management and how they can be applied both at and outside the workplace. For this beta test workshop, you are not required to purchase or complete these two online courses before the workshop begins.

TKI Live Workshop 1PLEASE NOTE: This two-day workshop in Victoria is our only beta version of this live event—which is being made available to you for a nominal fee of $50 USD. Based on the experience gained from this beta workshop, our facilitators will be able to fine-tune and then finalize the materials, exercises, and discussions of this intensive training experience—before they conduct each subsequent two-day workshop in other locations and countries around the globe at the standard per-person price of $1,700 USD.

Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann, the co-creator of the TKI as well as the developer of all our online courses and other assessment tools, will be attending this workshop in Victoria, so you will have a chance to interact with him throughout the program.

If you wish to attend this beta-test version of our two-day workshop, we ask for $50 USD in order to cover the cost of your two TKI assessment licenses which will be referring to during the workshop.

Beyond Online Learning

While our recorded online courses serve the purpose of helping participants understand the essence of topics such as conflict and change management, our live workshop will provide the opportunity to develop the skills needed to effectively apply this knowledge into real life situations. This combination of both online learning and live discussion will equip individuals, groups, and organizations with the vital skills that are needed to manage conflict and change, expand their consciousness, and transform their workplace environments.

The workshop will consist of group exercises, community discussion, and post event feedback.

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in the workshop:


  • The Big Picture of Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence, Authenticity, and Compassion
  • Exercise on Mind/Body/Spirit Consciousness
  • Expanding the Five Conflict Modes
  • Eight Key Attributes of Any Conflict Situation
  • How to Choose and Then Use Each Conflict Mode
  • Distinguishing the INSIDE and OUTSIDE Perspective


  • Exercise on Mind/Body/Spirit Consciousness
  • The Impact of the Leader on Conflict Management
  • The Impact of the Culture on Conflict Management
  • The Impact of the Reward System on Conflict Management



October 22nd & 23rd 

Ambrosia Event Centre
638 Fisgard St, 
Victoria, BC V8W 1R6


Registration: 8am – 8:30am
Workshop will begin promptly at 9am and run until 5pm.
Lunch will not be provided, but time will be given to venture out to one of local eateries.



As noted above, we require a $50 nominal fee to register your seat for this beta version of this workshop. In case you register and are unable to attend, and if you haven't yet taken your two TKI assessments, we will refund your $50 deposit.

After you've completed your purchase, whenever you wish to take your two TKI assesments, each with modified instructions, first log into your private account and then click on My Two TKIs on your username panel at the top left of our website. A new page will open that will provide the instructions for taking your two TKI assessments on the publisher's website. 

Be sure to take your two TKI assessments before this workshop begins ... and please bring to the workshop a hard copy of your two TKI Reports (which you can print right after you have downloaded your two pdf files). We will be using these TKI results throughout our two-day program.


Price: $50.00