Kilmann Diagnostics Announces a Free Webinar on Combining the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument and the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator

Kilmann Diagnostics, an e-learning company that specializes in online courses on conflict management and change management, will be delivering a one-hour webinar to show how two of the world’s best-selling assessments can be joined together for resolving the most challenging conflicts and problems in the workplace.

Newport Coast, CA (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

Kilmann Diagnostics, the exclusive provider of online training for the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument, will be delivering a free webinar on how to identify and resolve workplace problems by combining two of the world’s best-selling assessment tools: The TKI and the MBTI. OPP Limited, the European distributor of both of these self-report instruments, will be hosting this one-hour event on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, from 7:30am to 8:30am, Pacific Daylight Time (3:30pm to 4:30pm, British Summer Time).

For four decades, Dr. Ralph Kilmann, the CEO of Kilmann Diagnostics, has been using the TKI and MBTI to help organizations first magnify and then resolve their most troublesome problems. 

Using the MBTI to establish four type groups—Sensation Thinking (ST), Intuition Thinking (NT), Sensation Feeling (SF), and Intuition Feeling (NF)—the recurring differences among organizational members can easily be brought into the open. Indeed, putting these four type groups in motion by asking each to develop a consensus position on a complex topic will always identify—if not magnify—four very different points of view. 

Using the TKI assessment to form a synthesis group—by selecting two members from each type group who, as a package, provide a balanced TKI profile—the four radically different perspectives on the problem can be effectively resolved. In fact, the mission of this synthesis group is to appropriately—and effectively—use the five conflict modes in order to satisfy the needs of all key stakeholders.

OPP WebinarThose who attend this webinar can expect to learn several key lessons: (1) the crucial difference between the MBTI’s assessment of enduring traits and the TKI’s assessment of behavioral choices; (2) how the MBTI’s enduring traits predispose people to overuse or underutilize certain conflict-handling modes; (3) why different psychological types tend to spend their time in only one of five steps of problem management, which makes it difficult to effectively resolve complex problems; (4) why forming four type groups (ST, NT, SF, and NF) will ensure that no step of problem management will be overlooked; (5) why these same type groups will magnify the often-silent differences among organizational members, which is what allows those nagging conflicts to be brought to light for all to see; and (6) how the conflict-handling modes, as assessed by the TKI tool, can then ensure that those previous conflicts can finally be resolved.

This unique webinar is best suited for executives in human resources, management consultants, trainers, coaches, team leaders, and project managers and members. To know for sure if you will benefit from this educational event, just ask yourself these questions: Do the same workplace problems appear again and again without resolution? During discussions of recurring problems, are differences left hidden and unspoken? Do superficial compromises leave everyone dissatisfied? Do people compete in order to maintain their position, when a more collaborative approach is really needed? Are the problems you face getting more chaotic, messier, and worse over time? Are you starting to think that you can never get at the real source of your most pressing workplace problems? Have you been searching for a way to use assessment tools so members can learn more about their enduring traits and behavioral choices, which will then allow them to effectively address their most stubborn problems and conflicts?

If these questions describe your dilemmas, then register for this free one-hour webinar on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, and benefit from Dr. Kilmann’s four decades of hard-earned experience.


Since 2009, the mission of Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) is to resolve conflict throughout the world by providing online—recorded—courses with the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) and other assessment tools. KD’s series of online courses include: (1) Basic Training in Conflict Management; (2) Advanced Training in Conflict Management; (3) Culture Management Course; (4) Critical Thinking Course; and (5) Team Management Course. Visit: Kilmann Diagnostics. 


OPP, headquartered in Oxford, England, is one of Europe’s leading business psychology consultancies, serving many multinational organizations in more than 25 countries, including more than half of FTSE 100 companies. With more than 20 years of experience in developing and applying psychometric tests, OPP’s expertise covers a range of proven and trusted processes—backed by extensive psychological research—to help organizations unlock the true potential of their employees. Visit: OPP Limited.