Kilmann Diagnostics Announces the January 2013 Release of Its New Online Course: GROUP Training in Conflict Management

Kilmann Diagnostics, an e-learning company that specializes in online courses for conflict management and change management, will soon release its seventh recorded course: GROUP Training in Conflict Management.

Newport Coast, CA (PRWEB) December 7, 2012

Kilmann Diagnostics (KD), the exclusive provider of online training for the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), has scheduled a January 2013 release for its brand-new online course: GROUP Training in Conflict Management. This recorded course provides consultants, trainers, and coaches with the knowledge to use the TKI assessment for improving how conflict is managed in any group setting (including work groups, departments, committees, project teams, matrix teams, and virtual teams), according to five conflict-handling modes: competing, collaborating, compromising, accommodating, and avoiding. 

GROUP Training in Conflict ManagementIn contrast to KD's BASIC Training in Conflict Management, which covers how to interpret an “Individual TKI Profile” after a person has completed the TKI assessment, the new course recommends that each group member purchases two TKI assessments and then completes each TKI with modified instructions: (1) INSIDE your group, how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another group member? (2) OUTSIDE your group (across all other settings in your life), how do you usually respond when you find your wishes differing from those of another person? 

The results from these two TKI assessments can then be sorted into HIGH and LOW scores (as compared to a very large normative sample of TKI users across all demographic distinctions) that show how conflict modes are being used both INSIDE and OUTSIDE a group. This new course not only shows how to develop these four-fold “Group TKI Profiles,” but also provides numerous guidelines (and examples) for properly interpreting these diagnostic-rich diagrams: to pinpoint exactly how a group might improve its conflict-handling behavior for achieving greater success and satisfaction. 

Dr. Ralph Kilmann, the CEO of Kilmann Diagnostics and co-author of the TKI assessment, had this to say about KD’s upcoming course: “For several years now, consultants, trainers, and coaches, who spend much of their time working with groups, have been asking us to develop specific materials for interpreting group TKI results. These professionals realized that it wasn't sufficient to simply average the results of individual TKI Profiles, which were obtained by essentially ignoring the unique setting and particular circumstances of the group inside an organization. For example, groups have leaders who can unduly influence the way conflicts are addressed within a group. The culture of the group often has unwritten rules on how to handle conflict—for better or worse. The reward system often carries heavy sanctions if employees use conflict modes that seemly challenge the status quo. By asking group members to complete two TKI assessments with modified instructions, one for INSIDE the group and the other for OUTSIDE the group, and also by highlighting the leader’s high and low conflict scores as compared to members’ high and low scores on a Group TKI Profile, we can focus on a group as a complex living system, much beyond the sum of its members. As a result, our GROUP Training course provides the key knowledge for developing a group-specific diagnosis with equally specific recommendations for improving a group’s conflict-handling behavior.”

The fee for GROUP Training in Conflict Management is $275, which includes a professionally designed, 54-page Course Manual. The group rate, if 5 or more of these courses are purchased at the same time, is $225 per person. Naturally, because this online course is recorded, it can be taken anywhere, anytime, at any pace, and on all capable mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets).


Since 2009, the mission of Kilmann Diagnostics is to resolve conflict throughout the world by providing online courses with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) and other assessment tools. KD is the exclusive provider of online training for the TKI—worldwide. Visit: Kilmann Diagnostics.