Kilmann Diagnostics Announces the Release of its Quantum Transformation Course

Kilmann Diagnostics, an e-learning company that specializes in online courses for conflict management and change management, just released its sixth recorded course: Quantum Transformation.

Newport Coast, CA (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

Kilmann Diagnostics (KD), the exclusive provider of online training for the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), just released a brand-new online course: Quantum Transformation. This recorded course provides a grand overview of conflict management and change management. Indeed, this bold new course demonstrates why conflict and change are two sides of the same coin: Each one inspires and propels the other. Essentially, by uncovering the underlying conflicts that have long blocked repeated efforts at organizational improvement and also by enabling members to acquire the necessary skills for resolving those nagging conflicts in a synergistic—collaborative—manner, any organization can shed its failed improvement programs and finally succeed at planned change.

Quantum Transformation CourseIn the Quantum Transformation Course, participants will first learn why the opposing tensions between two dueling paradigms lead to either stagnation or transformation—depending on how well conflict and change are managed. One of these dueling paradigms, an old one, is rooted in seventeenth-century Newtonian physics and is how most organizations today are still being designed and managed. This is the paradigm of the simple machine: seeing the universe as a clock-like mechanism of extreme precision, order, and certainty. This old paradigm treats people as just another cog in the wheel, while hoping the world will become stable and predictable (once again).

The second of these dueling paradigms, a new one, is based on twentieth-century physics and has slowly been making its way into public view with recent books, movies, and TV programs on the new science of superstrings, black holes, wormholes, multiverses, and other revolutionary findings in physics and cosmology. In sharp contrast to the Newtonian paradigm, the quantum paradigm actively encourages people to bring all of their consciousness into the workplace—since mind and matter are universally intertwined, not separate. 

These two dueling paradigms, not surprisingly, result in two very different kinds of organizations, as discussed in Dr. Ralph Kilmann's inspiring book: Quantum Organizations: A New Paradigm for Achieving Organizational Success and Personal Meaning (hardcover 2001; paperback 2011). 

Surely, the most important feature of this new online course is providing the stages and steps for transforming an old Newtonian organization into a new quantum organization. Such a pivotal mission can be achieved by implementing a "completely integrated program" that combines the wisdom of conflict management with change management. This completely integrated program for quantum transformation consists of a carefully orchestrated sequence of eight tracks, which starts with the culture track, then proceeds to the skills track, then continues with the team track, next addresses strategy-structure and reward systems, and so forth—to eventually renew all the major systems and processes in an organization. 

While implementing this sequence of eight tracks, members expand their self-aware consciousness—which is the heart of a quantum organization. KD’s new online course, in fact, reviews both the Western and Eastern approaches to self-aware consciousness, ego energy and spiritual enlightenment, respectively. For example, asking and answering succinct questions about five self-concepts (self-identify, self-competency, self-value, self-worth, and self-responsibility) enables all members (1) to bring more of themselves into the workplace, (2) to promote greater trust among employees both within and across groups, and (3) to then form cross-boundary teams that finally have the capability to develop collaborative solutions to the organization’s most complex problems and conflicts. By members seeing themselves as much more than their “skin-encapsulated egos” provides an additional opportunity for every member to eliminate old roadblocks and self-defeating stereotypes.

The Quantum Transformation Course also provides three self-report assessments, including the Kilmann-Covin Organizational Influence Survey and the Organizational Courage Assessment. By taking these self-report instruments and then reviewing the rather profound results, participants further expand their self-aware consciousness—and their knowledge and skills—so they can successfully transform a Newtonian organization into a quantum organization. 

The fee for the five-hour Quantum Transformation Course is $400, which includes a professionally designed, 126-page Course Manual. The group rate, if 10 or more of these courses are purchased at the same time, is $325 per person. After completing the recorded course, participants can take the optional Final Exam if they wish to test their knowledge of the subject matter. If participants receive a score of at least 88% (out of a possible 100 points on twenty-five, multiple-choice questions), they will not only pass the Final Exam, but they can also receive 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this five-hour course. 


Since 2009, the mission of Kilmann Diagnostics is to resolve conflict throughout the world by providing online courses with the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) and other assessment tools. KD is the exclusive provider of online training for the TKI—worldwide. Visit: Kilmann Diagnostics.