Our Mission

KILMANN DIAGNOSTICS is an e-learning organization that's dedicated to resolving conflict throughout the world. We pursue this vital mission by providing a series of online courses and assessment tools that integrate the wisdom of conflict management and change management, within the new paradigm of self-aware consciousness and quantum transformation. 

Based on Dr. Kilmann's four decades of organizational research, executive teaching, and management consulting, the complex topics of conflict and change are intertwined through a carefully orchestrated sequence of eight tracks for quantum transformation: cultures, skills, teams, strategy-structures, reward systems, and three process improvement tracks.

To learn about the advent of the new Consciousness Revolution, which is sure to become the future of organizational development and human resource management, we initially offer you our most far-reaching and paradigm-breaking online course:

   00. Expanding Consciousness Course (6 hours)

As a grand overivew of the eight-track program for transforming a Newtonian organization into a quantum organization, including the Courage Assessment and the Influence Survey, we next offer you our most integrative online course:

    0. Quantum Transformation Course (5 hours)

To learn all about the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI), we then offer three online courses that explain conflict management results for individuals, groups, and organizations, which conveniently set the stage for our completely integrated program for quantum transformation:

    1. BASIC Training in Conflict Management (80 minutes)
    2. GROUP Training in Conflict Management (3 hours)
    3. ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management (8 hours)

Building on our BASIC, GROUP, and ADVANCED courses, we also offer an integrated series of online courses on change management. These additional courses—making effective use of the TKI and our other assessment tools—provide the means for establishing a healthy culture, enhancing critical thinking skills for addressing complex problems, fostering teamwork throughout an organization, revitalizing formal systems, and improving business processes:

    4. Culture Management Course (6 hours)
    5. Critical Thinking Course (6 hours)
    6. Team Management Course (4 hours)
    7. Strategy-Structure Course (3 hours)
    8. Reward Systems Course (4 hours)
    9. Process Management Course (4 hours)

If you would like to take all of our online courses on conflict management and change management, we offer the entire series in one collection at a considerable savings:

    10. The Complete Program of All Courses (50 hours)

If you would like to gain mastery of the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) and conflict management, we offer our three TKI-based courses, including two TKI assessments, in one collection at a nice discount:

     11. The TKI Package for Conflict Management (12 hours)

NOTE: If you are a member of a work group and wish to benefit from taking our online courses with your colleagues, please review this page: COURSES FOR GROUPS.


As illustrated in the figure below, while the HUB of Kilmann Diagnostics is conflict management, the SPOKES of "The Quantum Wheel" are the eight tracks for achieving long-term organizational success and personal meaning.

Conflict Management and Change Management

The first three tracks represent the quantum infrastructure (the culture, skills, and teamwork) of a group, community, or organization. The next two tracks document the formal systems: Where are we headed (strategy)? How can we organize to get there (structure)? And what do we receive for helping out (rewards)? The last three tracks enable people to improve their key processes (decisions and actions), as guided by their quantum infrastructure and formal systems.

What is the principle behind this sequence of transformation? Each track establishes the foundation for achieving the full potential of each subsequent track. Indeed, learning how to make the best use of the entire sequence of eight tracks will give you the essential tools for effectively managing conflict and change in today's fast-paced, interconnected world.