Ralph Kilmann’s Revolutionary New Book, The Courageous Mosaic, Brings Greater Consciousness Into Organizations

Kilmann Diagnostics just added a new title to its list of publications: Ralph Kilmann’s new book on awakening society, systems, and souls—as told through his own personal journey.

Newport Coast, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2013 

Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) has just released a new publication: The Courageous Mosaic. In this book, Dr. Ralph Kilmann, author of Quantum Organizations and co-author of the renowned Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), candidly shares his earliest traumas and how he then investigated his fears by actively participating in a great variety of healing modalities. After expanding his own mind/body/spirit consciousness, the author learned how to bring that greater consciousness into organizations—building on his several decades of consulting experience with corporate transformation.

The Courageous MosaicAccording to Kilmann, it’s vital for people to first break the most harmful of all vicious cycles: the tendency of each generation to automatically—unconsciously—carry forward traumas from the past and embed them in present and future generations. Kilmann convincingly demonstrates that it’s only by expanding mind/body/spirit consciousness that humankind can wake up and stop war, violence, hatred, poverty, hunger, disease, hopelessness, and the destruction of our planet.

The Courageous Mosaic provides the pieces—the personal stories as well as the scientific theories—to inspire people to become conscious of their recreated patterns, stop their vicious cycles, and then transcend their prior patterns with love, joy, peace, and compassion. Furthermore, Kilmann’s new book shows how higher levels of consciousness can renew our organizations, so the “systems of society” will enhance consciousness—and no longer stifle it.

Many mind/body/spirit modalities are described and integrated in Kilmann’s new book, including talk therapy (psychoanalysis), Holotropic Breathwork, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Holosync meditation, energy-based nutrition and detoxification, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Vipassana meditation, advanced structural alignment, electro-homeopathy, crystal healing, and Pulsor chakra clearing.

Through his intense experiences with all these mind/body/spirit modalities and more, Kilmann was able to resolve the unintended consequences that stem from fragmented (and thus limited) efforts at living an examined life. He illuminates these fundamental lessons: Without already having a fairly conscious mind and a secure ego, people won’t choose to work through the accumulated tension and painful memories in their body. And without maintaining an energetically flowing and feeling body, people won’t have an easy time directly and continually experiencing the spiritual fabric of the universe. Kilmann shows how participating in a series of mind/body/spirit modalities can transform childhood traumas into unique opportunities for resolving primal relationships, which enables people to awaken to their soul’s purpose—and then live it.

The Revised TKI Conflict ModelBased on the significant resolutions that Kilmann achieved during his lifetime, he presents a new model, "Varieties of Resolution," which modifies the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model for the purpose of resolving primal relationships. The heart of this new model is the recognition that people must first resolve their different versions of what happened between them (the "truth"), before they can possibly develop a meaningful resolution of their underlying conflicts, heal their wounded boundaries, and thereby revitalize their passion to pursue their soul's purpose. To translate this model into effective action, Kilmann presents a comprehensive process for resolving wounded relationships.

But most important, Kilmann recognizes how the systems in society play a major role in either expanding or obstructing human consciousness and, as a result, people's capacity to resolve their primal relationships. This book considers how organizations and institutions (including public schools, religious organizations, health-care organizations, governments, and workplaces) can be redesigned for conscious living. If this mission can be achieved, many more people (and not just a privileged few) will radiate—and live—a higher level of consciousness.

The Courageous Mosaic is listed at $19.95 and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online stores. It’s 264 pages include several engaging illustrations, a bibliography of healing modalities, and an epilogue that outlines eight action steps for bringing the lessons from Kilmann’s book into everyone’s personal and organizational life. 


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