Recruiting for Strategic Director of All Our Online Products

ANNOUNCEMENT: Codie Lee McQuay filled this position.


We are seeking to contract a special person to become our Strategic Director. In this position, the person's primary responsibility will be to enhance the impact and increase the sales of our eleven recorded online courses and our two course collections:

  00. Expanding Consciousness Course
   0. Quantum Transformation Course
   1. BASIC Training in Conflict Management
   2. GROUP Training in Conflict Management
   3. ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management
   4. Culture Management Course
   5. Critical Thinking Course
   6. Team Management Course
   7. Strategy.Structure Course
   8. Reward Systems Course
   9. Process Management Course
   10. The Complete Program of All Our Online Courses  

   11. The TKI Package for Conflict Management

The Strategic Director's secondary responsibility will be to enhance the impact and increase the sales of our eight assessment tools for personal and organizational development:

   1. Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
   2. Kilmann-Covin Organizational Influence Survey
   3. Organizational Courage Assessment
   4. Kilmanns Personality Style Instrument
   5. Kilmann-Saxton Culture-Gap® Survey
   6. Kilmanns Organizational Belief Survey
   7. Kilmanns Time-Gap Survey
   8. Kilmanns Team-Gap Survey

The Importance of Resonating with Our Mission and Methods

In its most concise form, the mission of Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) is to Resolve Conflict Throughout the World. In its more complex form, we define our mission from this perspective: 

  • Our increasingly diverse global village creates massive conflict between people, inside workplaces, and among nations.
  • Resolving conflict in our fast-paced interconnected world requires transformational change in our traditional families, communities, organizations, and institutions.
  • Learning how to resolve conflict and manage change has thus become the educational imperative for perpetuating our species and sustaining planet Earth, while also helping people live a happy, productive, and meaningful life.
  • Yet most people have not developed an evolved mindset—let alone the necessary skillset—for managing conflict and change from the highest levels of human consciousness.

KD strives to achieve its mission by providing executives, managers, members, consultants, facilitators, trainers, professors, and students with integral—and practical—knowledge for managing conflict, change, consciousness, and transformation through a carefully orchestrated sequence of online courses and assessment tools.

After prospective applicants have reviewed the materials on our website and have learned more about our integrated sequence of online products, we ask only those persons to apply for the position of Strategic Director if our mission and methods genuinely resonate and fully align with their heart and soul.

The Key Responsibilities and Tasks for the Strategic Director Position

As a part-time independent contractor (not as a full-time employee), a person will spend his or her time identifying the key decision makers in the e-learning marketplace, next contacting them, and then establishing contracts with their organizations, so their members can take full advantage of all the wisdom in our online products on conflict management, change management, expanding consciousness, and quantum transformation.

Our prospective clients—those key decision makers and their members—are usually affiliated with (1) colleges and universities (including degree, certificate, and extension programs), (2) corporate universities, (3) learning, training, and development departments (variously referred to as human resources, human capital, talent management, people management, organizational effectiveness, organizational development, and organizational learning), (4) professional firms that specialize in management consulting, change management, and organizational improvement and transformation, and (5) professional firms that specialize in negotiation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, conflict resolution, and conflict management.

  • Identifying and contacting the key decision makers can take place mostly through emails, electronic flyers, social media, traditional media, phone calls, and Skype meetings. Occasionally, it might be worthwhile to have a live meeting with a prospective client, which might, therefore, involve some local travel and perhaps some out-of-town travel.
  • Recruiting and then managing one or more KD Sales Representatives in order to expand the market and increase the sales of our online products.
  • Identifying and contracting potential KD International Partners in order to translate our online courses into their local language on a parallel website. See, for example, KD's Brazilian website in Portuguese with our partner: Fellipelli.

It will be necessary for Kilmann Diagnostics to hold regular staff meetings in order to discuss KD's strategy, action plans, and bottom-line results: In most cases, virtual office meetings via phone or Skype will suffice. But occasionally, in-person meetings will be helpful. Given the latter, a slight preference will be given to applicants who reside in Southern California.

The Key Knowledge and Skills Required for the Strategic Director Position

  • Demonstrating a practical knowledge of selling online products, which includes making effective use of social media as well as traditional media for the purpose of expanding our customer base and thus enhancing the educational impact of our online courses as well as our assessment tools.
  • Demonstrating creativity and "thinking outside the box" in order to discover new ways to reach our target audience: members in organizations and institutions who need to improve how they manage conflict and change in our diverse, fast-paced, global village.
  • Demonstrating a general knowledge of organizational psychology, interpersonal behavior, organizational behavior, organizational development, and conflict management.
  • Acquiring the extensive knowledge that is presented in our series of eleven online courses and our eight assessment tools, and how consultants, trainers, mediators, facilitators, and professors can make use of these online products in a great variety of organizational settings and educational programs. To demonstrate this deep knowledge, the person must complete (free of charge) the fifty-hour, eleven course collection, The Complete Program of All Courses, and must also earn the Certificate in Conflict Management and Change Management—all within sixty days after the applicant has signed a formal contract with Kilmann Diagnostics.
  • Learning how to use our Online Course Procedures as well as our TKI Assessment Procedures, including our COURSE Email Templates and our TKI Email Templates, and, as a result, understanding how we manage all the individual and group accounts on our website. By acquiring a hands-on knowledge of our procedures and templates, the Strategic Director will be able to explain to the key decision makers how we can deliver our online products to their organizations and members—efficiently and effectively. As such, the Strategic Director must learn the basic skills that are required for the KD position: Customer Service Specialist I & II.
  • Demonstrating excellent written communication skills in responding to customer emails and excellent oral communication skills for clearly and patiently interacting with our current and prospective clients in virtual meetings as well as during face-to-face meetings.
  • Demonstrating passion—and dedication—for helping Kilmann Diagnosis achieve its mission: Resolving Conflict Throughout the World.

Compensation for the Strategic Director Position 

The Strategic Director will receive a monthly commission of 30% of the GROSS income from that month's purchases of our online courses plus a commission of 30% of the NET income from that month's purchases of our online assessment tools—which are directly based on the Strategic Director's programs, contacts, and contracts. The precise calculation of the Strategic Director's monthly commission on gross income and net income from online courses and assessment tools, respectively, will be stipulated in a formal contract.



Once you have carefully reviewed the above responsibilities, tasks, knowledge, and skills that are required for being our Strategic Director (including some of the many articles, blogs, and videos on our website, all of which discuss our online courses and assessment tools), you can apply for this position by submitting the following two items to

  1. A two to three-page cover letter that highlights your passion, knowledge, experience, and competencies for doing this work with Kilmann Diagnostics.
  2. An up-to-date resume that summarizes your educational background (institutions, majors, degrees, certifications, and certificates) and your relevant work experience. 

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our mission!



Kilmann Diagnostics is committed to creating a community in which a diverse population can learn, live, and work in an atmosphere of tolerance, civility, and respect for the rights and sensibilities of each individual, without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, medical condition, age, or veteran status.

Kilmann Diagnostics is an Equal Opportunity Contractor.


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