Testimonials for Our Online Courses

"I highly recommend the TKI package as a way to learn how to identify and bridge differences, honor similarities, dialogue discoveries, and create catalytic changes for individuals and organizations. Ralph Kilmann has designed a near perfect online course and his method/manner of instructing is excellent." — Dr. Dan McKinnon, Registered Psychologist, Calgary, AB, Canada

"The course is extremely valuable: It helped to enhance my skills, increase my knowledge of group process, and understand myself better. It also helped put pieces of knowledge together that I have been studying for years. Understanding the TKI and how to use it properly are also invaluable. I love Ralph's tone and learning from him. It's really great to learn from a Master." — Carole Jean Rogers, Business and Leadership Coach, CLARITY Leadership Coaching, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

"I have been using the TKI in my work for 16 years. I took the course to get a deeper understanding. Dr. Kilmann's online class exceeded my expectations. I felt it was truly an advanced course: Not only did it expand my knowledge and use of the traditional TKI conflict modes, but it also gave me a problem management framework. I would recommend this course to practitioners who facilitate problem-solving and conflict management with groups." — Pattie Porter, President, Conflict Connections, Inc., San Antonio, Texas, USA

"The insights that Dr. Kilmann has so eloquently shared have forever removed my misconceptions about conflict. The course has taught me that conflict is a vital catalyst to constructive, positive, and effective change. I found it very helpful to be able to have clients complete the TKI for specific situations and environments. I also think the eight tracks, the Process Observer, and the steps of problem management are all insights that I can apply to my current understanding of management." — Julie K. George, Polarity Human Relationships, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

"This course is tremendously innovative and practical. It exceeded my expectations in the scope and type of tools it covered in such a short time. I am already using what I learned in my internal consulting work. I think this work is critical in organizations. The entry point is not just advanced conflict management, but is also transforming systems in an integrated fashion. This innovative approach—combining personality types with conflict modes and then using them in the context of organizational transformation—is very powerful and practical. Thanks!" — Mino F. Akhtar, Associate Director, Eisai Inc., New Jersey, USA

"I very much enjoyed the online course. It helped me deepen my understanding of the TKI and its relationship to personality types. It was illuminating to see how teams can learn to overcome and solve their conflicts. I will certainly apply the learning to my work!" — Iris Kuhnert, ICM Consulting, Leverkusen, Germany

"This is an excellent course on conflict management. I have been in human resources for nearly thirty years and during that time I have attended many workshops. Without hesitation, this was one of the best I have attended due to the depth of the content and due to the knowledge and presentation skills of the facilitator. Initially, I was somewhat apprehensive about taking an eight-hour online course. But having it broken up into two four-hour sessions, the depth of the information covered, along with the skills of the presenter keeping you engaged, the time flew by." — Walter Kalinowski, Director of Human Resources, The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Grand Ronde, Oregon, USA

"I found the discussion about the 'Big Picture' to be incredibly helpful in bringing together many aspects of the work I do. I also think this model is an excellent way of providing clients with an understanding of how all of these pieces connect. Besides this integrated model, I found Ralph's presence to be caring, responsive, and refreshing." — Ann Begler, Principal, Begler Group, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"It is unusual to find programs of this depth that are taught with such expertise for such a reasonable cost. This was a superlative value and I have recommended it to my colleagues and clients." — Esther W Hudson, Managing Partner, Capability Connections Consulting, Calgary, Canada

"This is no ordinary conflict resolution course! Ralph Kilmann combines his extensive consulting and research experience to provide an integrated model of personality and conflict styles, including problem analysis and conflict management. This approach is invaluable for rapidly bringing order and clarity to those complex problems which inevitably bring about conflict." — Keryl Egan, Director of Stormont Consulting, Sydney, Australia

"My expectations for the material and the instructor were high. Those expectations were met. The material was very well constructed and presented. I work with my clients in many areas, but the 'bottom line' is that all organizations are still controlled by the people. Dr. Kilmann provides a way to work through the people challenges and enable growth. The course was time well spent." — Jim Katzenberger, Principal, Accelerx Group, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA

"This course is an absolute must for anyone who is fascinated with the subject of conflict resolution and has a desire to help organisations rethink how they can operate more effectively—utilising a Problem Management Organisation. In sharing his extensive experience and what I can only describe as a true passion, Ralph Kilmann demonstrates how combining the TKI model and MBTI preferences can offer a powerful understanding of how to positively effect both personal and group dynamics within an organisational context. This course truly reflects solutions for 21st century challenges, presenting the opportunity for lasting change." — Kate Richards, HR Consultant, Beyond Boundaries Associates Ltd., London, UK

"This course is a must for anyone working in conflict resolution, strategic planning, or learning and development. The strategies make sense and are presented in a logical and easy-to-follow process. It is clear that to appropriately manage problems or make any lasting change in an organization, this process is essential. After the first half of the course, I recommended the course to my manager." — Cynthia Munro, Training & Development Specialist, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

"As a training professional, I took the course to understand and be able to deliver the TKI more effectively. Ralph Kilmann delivered on, and greatly exceeded, my expectations. The limited class size and personal attention made for an unforgettable learning experience. I highly recommend this course for everyone who uses the TKI."
— Heather Hafner, Training Consultant, Irvine, California, USA

"Having been engaged in the conflict management field since the 1990s, I must say this is one of the very few online courses that I would certainly recommend. Even though many dispute resolution practitioners know of Dr. Kilmann's work and use the TKI, this online course simply exceeds expectations." — Luis E. Oré, CEO of ORASI Consulting Group Inc., Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

"This is a very inspiring course. I was amazed I could remain totally captivated for the full length of the online course. I really liked the case study that enabled us to bring all the learning together." — Nathalie Matysiak, Innovation Manager, Mars, The Netherlands

"This course helped me get answers to some questions about the TKI that my customers have frequently asked me. For example, I really liked the eight attributes of a conflict that can help select the most appropriate style, based on the situation. The course segment on explaining the unique gifts of the four basic MBTI types was really powerful. I attended the MBTI training last year and Ralph was able to crisply summarize the key differences among the four basic types and their implications in a way that made it easier for me to explain them to customers. The graph illustrating the correlation between the MBTI and TKI was amazing. But the most powerful and useful part of the training was the problem management model. Most conflicts are about solving some problem. If the entire team uses a common, step-by-step problem-solving approach, applying insights from the MBTI and the TKI, it can reduce a lot of the negative emotionality associated with conflicts. Overall, this was one of the most thought provoking and practically applicable training sessions I have attended. Thank You!"
— Ravi Verma, President and CEO, SmoothApps, Allen, Texas, USA

"I really enjoyed this whole course. I often find that other courses cover information that I already know. This is not the fault of the course developer/presenter, but a function of the fact that I've been around this field awhile. There was much that was new to me here or was presented in a different way. I really appreciated Ralph's personal touch: The emails I got really made me feel that Ralph was concerned about what I got out of this course." — Katherine (Kate) O'Malley, O'Malley Management Solutions, Claremont, California, USA


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