Step 9: When the GROUP Cycle Begins

Kilmann Diagnostics has several Purchasing Options for its group buyers, any of which officially initiate the TKI Group Cycle: (1) a personal check, business check, or a wire transfer is deposited in KD’s bank account, which has been preceded by a phone call or email that specified a purchase order of 3 or more TKIs; (2) a phone call that provides the required billing information for 3 or more TKIs, so the Administrator can process the transaction with Virtual Terminal; and (3) an email notification to arrives, which announces that 3 or more TKIs were purchased directly on our website.

9.1. In the case of (1) above, the Administrator will notify you that a quantity purchase of 3 or more TKIs has been made via a check or wire transfer.

9.2. In the case of (2) above, if the buyer calls you, accurately record all the required billing information on the Virtual Terminal Form (which is reproduced in Appendix A and is also available on our site).

9.3. As soon as you complete the Virtual Terminal Form, call the Administrator and give him that required information over the phone—so he can process the charge card transaction on Virtual Terminal. Once confirms the transaction, the Administrator will email you that the purchase has been made. 

NOTE: For security purposes, NEVER email a buyer’s billing information to the Administrator. Keep the completed Virtual Terminal Form in a secure place and then shred it within 48 hours.

CAUTION: Do NOT proceed with the next steps in the process—unless you have already received an email notification that a purchase has been made. Customers may send you a completed KD_Spreadsheet and SAY they have made a group purchase, but only the Administrator’s email or an automated email "purchase notification" is the official word to proceed.

9.4. Regardless of which payment method was used to make the group purchase, open the shared page, TKI Emails, and send the buyer TKI Email 0 with appropriate modifications. This email will remind the buyer that he needs to download, complete, and then send us his KD_Spreadsheet, so we can proceed with the TKI Group Cycle. 

NOTE: Even before the buyer’s spreadsheet arrives, you might find it convenient to register the TKI group purchase with the information you already have—and then complete the registration process (see Step 15) after you receive, review, and revise the KD_Spreadsheet.

9.5. Open the “TKI Participants” file in and click on the third sheet on the bottom of that page: TKI GROUP (YEAR).

9.6. After that sheet opens, copy the “Group Account Template” on the top of the page (from Row 3 through Row 14 or the equivalent rows on the very bottom of that sheet) and paste this account template immediately on top of the last set of active DOUBLE DARK GRAY ROWS at the bottom of the TKI GROUP sheet.

9.7. Complete the Buyer Information Rows: Group Buyer, Buyer E-mail, Company Name, Purchase Date, and the Number of TKIs that were just purchased. Later, you’ll add the dates when you first emailed the buyer and imported his spreadsheet...and other information as well.

NOTE: Later, you may have to change the Company Name after you receive the spreadsheet in order to match the buyer’s client company—not the name of the buyer’s consulting firm.