TKI Emails: An Example

3. When THREE or More Clients Are Added to a New TKI Group Project

SUBJECT: Important information about your TKI purchase

Dear (Buyer),

Thank you for your TKI purchase. I also received your spreadsheet.

Most Important: Below is the PRIVATE LINK for your TKI group account, which you should send to any participant who—for any reason—has not received an account email from the publisher's website (or has lost or deleted this vital information):  


By your emailing this private link directly to those participants who cannot find the publisher’s account email, you will not only save them a lot of time, but your email will surely pass through their organization’s firewall without any difficulty.

Just now, we imported your spreadsheet into the publisher’s Elevate website, so everyone on the list should already have received their account email—which includes a private link to the Elevate website so everyone can complete their registration and then take the TKI assessment. Since your name was also included on that spreadsheet, you should also have received the same account email as everyone else.

Of course, the private link that was provided to your clients in those account emails can't possibly work if incorrect email addresses were entered on the original KD_Spreadsheet. If you should discover any such errors, immediately send us a brand-new spreadsheet with only the one or more corrected member rows, so your clients will soon receive the necessary link and instructions to take the TKI on the publisher’s website—since we would first have to assign a TKI assessment to the correct email address(s).

You requested that we send a reminder to those in your group who have not yet completed their TKI assessment. As per your instructions, we have scheduled that reminder for  _________________________.

If you’d like a copy of the TKI results (for a coaching session or any other type of educational program), please ask your clients or group members to forward their TKI Report to you (or the facilitator) as soon as they download it.


Since you requested that the participants in your group not be given access to their results after they complete their TKI assessment, we will provide their TKI Reports directly to you in a zip file—on the date that you specified.

So your participants know exactly how to proceed with the TKI process, please copy and paste the following message in an email to each person on your spreadsheet, which also includes the private link (as a backup) to take the TKI assessment:


I URGE YOU to read and then follow these important instructions so the TKI process will take place easily and smoothly. NOTE: You will be asked to create your own private account on the Elevate website, which includes your own chosen password. Please remember to write down your password in case you need to revisit the Elevate website, whether to resume your assessment or to retrieve your TKI results.

You should already have received an email from with the title: Your TKI Assessment from Kilmann Diagnostics. This email will include instructions and a private link so you can complete the registration process on the publisher’s website and then take the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).

In the event that a sensitive firewall has blocked that automated email, you can click on the link below and immediately proceed with the TKI process:


Although the process for registering your account information and then taking the TKI assessment is straightforward and intuitive, here are the detailed steps:

  1. When you receive your email from, locate and click on the link: Click here to get started. You will then be forwarded to the TKI publisher's website: Elevate.

  2. After you complete the registration for your Elevate account (being sure to use the identical email address that your buyer previously entered on our special spreadsheet), click: REGISTER. However, if you are already registered, then click on the link: LOG IN.

  3. Once you're logged into your private Elevate account, access to the TKI Assessment will appear on your Dashboard.

  4. When you are ready to take the TKI assessment, click: START.

  5. After you have read the instructions to the TKI assessment, click: NEXT.

  6. As soon as you respond to the five A/B choices on the page, the next five A/B choices will automatically appear.

  7. If you want to return to review (or change) any of your previous A/B selections, click: BACK.

  8. At any time, you can click: SAVE AND COMPLETE LATER. Then, whenever you are ready to continue responding to the remaining A/B items on your TKI assessment, log back into your Elevate account and click: RESUME.

  9. After you have responded to all 30 A/B items on the TKI assessment, click: NEXT.

  10. When you are ready to submit your responses to calculate your results, click: DONE.

  11. To receive your TKI Profile and Interpretive Report, click: DOWNLOAD.

  12. If you happen to misplace your TKI Report, you can log back into your private Elevate account and download it again, without incurring any fee.

NOTE: If you were asked to forward your TKI report to the person who purchased it for you (or to a coach or mediator, etc.), please remember to do so!


NOTE: In an upcoming meeting or workshop, a facilitator will discuss the TKI approach to conflict management and will help you interpret your personalized TKI Report.


If you have any questions about any of these instructions or procedures, please let me know.