TKI Emails: An Example

3. When TWO or More Clients Are on a Spreadsheet—But NOT the Buyer

SUBJECT: Important information regarding your TKI purchase

Dear (Buyer),

Thank you for your TKI purchase. I also received your spreadsheet.

Since your name is not on the spreadsheet, you are not authorized to take the TKI unless you purchase it separately—even though the TKI was automatically placed in your account when you made your group purchase. (Until we received your spreadsheet, we didn’t know if you were included as a TKI participant, or if you had purchased this online product only for others.)

If we don’t hear back from you to the contrary, in about 24 hours we’ll import your spreadsheet into our website and, thereby, automatically send an account email to your clients or group members, which includes the vital information (username and password) necessary to take the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI). This 24-hour period is intended to allow enough time for the individuals on your spreadsheet to add to their email contacts or address book, so our account email will arrive in their inbox, and not in a spam or junk folder.

Here are some possible options for you:

Since today is the start of the weekend, you can ask us to wait until later on Monday before we import your spreadsheet, which will give your group members some extra time to add our info@ address to their contact list—if you don’t expect them to do that over the weekend.

If your clients or group members HAVE already added our email address to their contact list and you want us to import your spreadsheet as soon as possible, please let us know.

Alternatively, if your clients or group members have NOT yet had the chance to validate our email address but you still want us to send out our account emails as soon as possible (thereby accepting the risk that our emails might be routed to their spam or junk folders), please let us know.

Regardless, in the event that our automated account email cannot be located in one or more of your participants’ inbox, spam, or junk folder, (1) have them add to their email contacts or address book. If they don’t know how to do this on their email platform, please have them ask someone for help. After they have successfully validated our email address, (2) have them Request new password by using the same email address that you entered on the completed spreadsheet.

Of course, this tried-and-true procedure can't possibly work if one or more incorrect email addresses were entered on the original spreadsheet. If you should discover such errors, immediately send us a brand-new spreadsheet that ONLY includes the one or few clients or group members who were initially listed with incorrect email addresses. But your revised—abridged—spreadsheet would now include their correct email addresses, so they will soon receive the necessary account information to take their TKI assessment.

If you’d like a copy of the TKI results (for a coaching session or any other type of educational program), please ask your clients or group members to forward their TKI Report to you (or the facilitator) as soon as they download it.

If you want to make sure you’ll be using the TKI to its full potential, which includes accurately interpreting an individual’s TKI Profile, consider taking our 80-minute recorded online course, BASIC Training in Conflict Management. In addition, we also offer a 3-hour online course, GROUP Training in Conflict Management, which will help you develop and interpret the more complicated “Group TKI Profiles.” Lastly, we offer our series of three courses in conflict management (BASIC, GROUP, and ADVANCED Training) in The TKI Package.

Please feel free to copy and paste the following message in an email to each person on your spreadsheet:


I URGE you to read and follow these instructions—very carefully. Reading and following these instructions will guarantee that you will (1) receive your account email from Kilmann Diagnostics so you can take the TKI assessment and (2) successfully download your TKI results after you’ve completed the assessment.

You will be receiving an email from "Kilmann Diagnostics" or "”, which includes your computer-generated username and password. Logging into this account will enable you to take the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).

But first, it is essential that you add to your email contacts or address book, so your account email from Kilmann Diagnostics will arrive in your inbox, and not your spam or junk folder (based on the sensitivity of your organization’s firewall). If you don’t know how to validate an address on your email platform, please ask someone to help you.

In the event that our automated account email cannot be located in your inbox, spam, or junk folder, please do the following: (1) add to your email contacts or address book. After you have successfully validated that email address, (2) Request new password by using the same email address that your buyer entered on the completed spreadsheet.

Then, after using your pre-assigned username and password to log into your new account at Kilmann Diagnostics, locate your username panel on the upper-left side of the homepage and click on "My TKI." You’ll then be forwarded to another page where you can access the TKI. And please remember: Your access to the TKI assessment expires in 90 days.


  1. CAUTION: After you complete your 30 responses to the TKI assessment, do not click on the Done button more than once. If you do (whether for the same or for another TKI assessment), you or your sponsor will be charged for each additional click on "Done" with the same payment method that was used for the initial purchase—identical to your clicking on any purchase button more than once. (The only exception is if you actually purchased or were assigned two TKI Assessments.)

  2. After you've clicked once on Done, when the next page opens. click View Results.

  3. A new page, General Reports, will then appear. On the last column on the right, it will say, "Download." Underneath that label, click on the DOWN ARROW.

  4. Your TKI report will open in Acrobat Reader. You can now save it (with the "Save As" command) and print it.

  5. MOST IMPORTANT: Do not log out of SkillsOne unless you have already downloaded and saved your TKI report. Once you log out, you can no longer retrieve it.


NOTE: If someone asked you to forward your TKI report to him or her (for a training workshop, coaching session, or another type of educational program), please remember to do so!


If you have any questions about any of these instructions or procedures, please let me know.

Warm regards,
(Customer Service Specialist I)