An Upgrade Path to Our Course Collections

The Complete ProgramThe TKI PackageIf you have previously purchased any of our separate courses (regardless if that course is still active in your username account or if it has expired), we offer an Upgrade Path that will apply full credit of a previous individual course purchase toward either of our two course collections—provided that individual course is included in the course collection. For example, you can upgrade from BASIC Training to either course collection, since both course collections include the BASIC course. But you cannot upgrade from the Culture Management Course to The TKI Package, since the latter does not include the Culture Management Course. Moreover, you cannot upgrade from one individual course to another individual course; you can only upgrade to a course collection.

in addition, you can receive full credit for your previous purchase of The TKI Package toward The Complete Program of ALL our online courses. In other words, you can upgrade from one course collection to another.

Our Upgrade Path thus allows you to purchase any of our separate courses (or The TKI Package) knowing full well that you can always upgrade your investment at a later time, whenever you wish to benefit from the significant cost savings of our course collections (versus buying each online course separately). Our course collections also include a much longer time period for accessing each course as well as your receiving our highest level of certification when you successfully pass the set of required Final Exams for either The Complete Program or The TKI Package. And each course collection includes two free TKI assessments.

If you would like to take full advantage of our Upgrade Path and the Big Picture (see below), please Contact Us.

The Big Picture