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Kilmann Diagnostics is dedicated to resolving conflict throughout the world, which is addressed in this online course by providing you with the deep knowledge and the practical tools for improving a group's conflict-handling behavior. By learning how to develop and then interpret a Group TKI Profile, you can discover how the leader's behavior, the culture of the group, and the organization's reward system might be pressuring members to use ineffective conflict modes—which can then encourage them to improve how conflict is managed in their group. Be prepared to experience many eureka (aha) moments!

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  • In a 3-hour recorded course, you'll hear Dr. Ralph Kilmann's crystal-clear voice explain how to use the TKI assessment for improving how conflict is managed in any group setting (including work groups, committees, project teams, and virtual teams). 
  • GROUP Training in Conflict ManagementTo achieve this purpose, Dr. Kilmann recommends that group members purchase two TKI assessments (an option, not a requirement) and then complete each TKI with modified instructions for (1) INSIDE their group and (2) OUTSIDE their group.
  • The results from these two assessments can then be sorted into HIGH and LOW scores that show how conflict modes are being used both INSIDE and OUTSIDE a group. 
  • Dr. Kilmann not only shows how to develop these "four-fold" Group TKI Profiles, but also provides guidelines—and examples—for properly interpreting these diagnostic-rich diagrams: to pinpoint exactly how a group can significantly improve its conflict-handling behavior for achieving greater success and satisfaction. 
  • Near the end of the course, Dr. Kilmann presents the Conflict Management Matrix, which provides action recommendations with various combinations of (a) transforming systems, (b) developing people, and (3) transferring the conflict management wisdom from one group setting to another.
  • This online course comes with a 56-page downloadable manual that includes an image of every presentation slide, Dr. Kilmann's personalized notes, and reference material.
  • TKI WebinarWhen you purchase this course, you'll also have access to Dr. Kilmann's 25-minute recorded webinar: "Using the TKI to Its Full Potential," which will provide you with a good preview (or review) of what's covered in more detail and depth in our 3-hour GROUP Training in Conflict Management.
  • Because this course is recorded, you can watch it anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace—on a laptop computer or a mobile device. 
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TKI Organization Chart


The price for the 3-hour GROUP Training in Conflict Management is $275. At the bottom of this page, you can place this online course in your shopping cart and complete your purchase.  If you'd like to upgrade to one of our course collections in the future, you'll receive full credit for this purchase via our Upgrade Path.

When you complete the purchasing process, you'll have instant access to this course for 90 days. During this period, you can (1) download the Course Manual, (2) decide whether you want to purchase two TKI assessments (an option, not a requirement); and (3) watch this course as often as you like.

Although you're not required to take the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument twice (each with modified instructions for "inside" and "outside" your group), having these dual TKI results will enhance your learning experience.  

To test your mastery of this course, take and pass the online Final Exam, which is included in your purchase. Although we do not offer a "certificate of achievement" for GROUP Training, passing this exam counts toward your receiving the "Certificate in the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument," if you later upgrade to one of our course collections.



The price of this online course for 1 to 4 persons is $275 each. The price for 5 or more persons is $225 each. At the bottom of this page, you can enter the quantity you wish to order. If you enter 5 or more courses, the total charge will be based on the group rate.

After you complete your checkout, download The Spreadsheet for Creating Group Accounts and follow the instructions. If you are purchasing the course for only one person, then fill out the spreadsheet for just this one person. From the date of purchase, this online course can be assigned to one or more persons (via sending us a completed spreadsheet) for a period of one year.

To learn how the members of any work group can blend this online course with live discussions, review these detailed steps: Blended Learning for GROUP Training in Conflict Management.


The TKI Package


The TKI Package includes three online courses, BASIC Training, GROUP Training, and ADVANCED Training in Conflict Management, as well as two TKI assessments—all for $875. If you were to purchase these products separately, the total price would be $1090. Click here to learn more about The TKI Package, which includes Certification in the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument.



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