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A HELPFUL SUGGESTION: Before you e-mail or call us about an individual or group purchase (or how to access our online courses, assessments, and books once you've purchased them), please review our Frequently Asked Questions and Our Carefully Developed Answers. By your first reading our responses to these questions, you might save yourself (and us) a lot of time. But if our FAQs do not answer your questions, then please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Stephanie ShirleyFor questions about purchasing the TKI assessment and managing a group account for your TKI clients or team members, please contact:
Stephanie Shirley, Customer Service Specialist for Kilmann Diagnostics







Ralph H. KilmannFor questions about purchasing our online courses (and our books, workbooks, and other assessment tools) and how to make the best use of all these educational resources in organizations and institutions (including the academic research studies that support our online courses and assessment tools), please contact:


Ralph H. Kilmann, CEO and Senior Consultant for Kilmann Diagnostics

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