The Courageous Mosaic


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As revealed by the author’s personal journey, expanding consciousness can indeed be achieved through a dedicated sequence of mind/body/spirit modalities.

The Courageous Mosaic

Ralph Kilmann candidly shares his earliest traumas and how he transformed them into gifts by actively participating in a great variety of healing modalities—such as talk therapy (psychoanalysis), Holotropic Breathwork, Holosync meditation, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Vipassana meditation, advanced structural alignment, electro-homeopathy, Pulsor chakra clearing, and many others.

Through his intense experiences with all these mind/body/spirit modalities, Kilmann was able to resolve the unintended consequences that stem from fragmented (and thus limited) efforts at living an examined life. He illuminates these fundamental lessons: First, a good dose of mind consciousness is essential, since without already having a self-aware mind and a secure ego, you won’t choose to work through the accumulated tension and painful memories in your body. And without maintaining an energetically flowing and feeling body, you won’t have an easy time directly and continually experiencing the spiritual fabric of the universe. Said differently, this book illustrates how participating in a series of mind/body/spirit modalities can transform childhood traumas into unique opportunities for resolving your primal relationships, which enables you to awaken to your destiny—not someone else’s—and then live your soul's purpose with abundant energy and ultra-clear focus.

The TKI Model for Negotiating Truth

As a result of the significant resolutions that Kilmann achieved during his lifetime, he presents a new model, "Varieties of Resolution," which modifies the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model for the purpose of resolving primal relationships. The heart of this new model is the recognition that people must first resolve their different versions of what happened between them (the "truth"), before they can possibly develop a meaningful resolution of their underlying conflicts, heal their wounded boundaries, and thereby revitalize their passion to pursue their unique destiny. To translate this model into effective action, Kilmann presents a comprehensive process for resolving wounded relationships.

The Courageous Mosaic also recognizes how the systems in society play a major role in either expanding or obstructing human consciousness—and thus people's capacity to resolve their primal relationships. This book thus considers how organizations and institutions (including public schools, religious organizations, health-care organizations, governments, and workplaces) can be redesigned for conscious living. If this mission can be achieved, many more people (and not just a privileged few) will radiate a higher level of human consciousness. As Kilmann convincingly demonstrates, it’s only by expanding consciousness in people—and their organizations—that humankind can wake up and stop war, violence, hatred, poverty, hunger, disease, hopelessness, and the self-destruction of our planet.

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1. When Time Began          
2. One Awakening Was Not Enough          
3. The Quashed Rebellion          
4. Mistreating Buttons         
5. My First Round of Therapy         
6. Resolution with Dad, But Not Mom         
7. The Moveable Eye Chart          
8. The Full Circle of My Work Life          
9. Getting to Know My Dad          
10. Transitioning with My Dad          
11. Additional Rounds of Therapy          
12. Damaged Boundaries, Damaged Lives
13. Expanding My Consciousness          
14. Revisiting When Time Began          
15. Resolution with Mom          
16. Varieties of Resolution          
17. My Accidental Death          
18. My Energetic Awakening          
19. Energy, Healing, and Soul          
20. Society, Systems, and Souls          
21. Transitioning with My Mom          

About the Author           



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